FixFusion - TEONITE contributes to Open Source community

A few weeks ago we wrote about our latest TechFusion event that is all about top-notch knowledge as an inspiration for participants not only to listen to great speakers but also to connect and inspire people to build new initiatives together.

FixFusion is a great example of that although it is not driven by the TechFusion team but it’s a pure hacker initiative led by Sławomir Pucia. Most people coming to the event build their business around open source software or at least use them as an important component in their projects.

So the idea with Fix fusion was to give something back to the community by meeting occasionally and contributing to selected open source platforms or creating something new. Each FixFusion event is held in different company’s HQ, first one was @RedSky, second @LemonDemon and third will be hosted by us @TEONITE HQ.

Fixfusion #1 - Deployment Tool

During our first meeting in the Red Sky office we managed to release our Deployment tool that pushes Fabric to the next level by using it to handle operations on the remote server extended by functionalities that automate the whole deployment process (read more about the tool).

FixFusion #2 - TEONITE Django/Angular Support

The Polish proverb says: “The appetite grows while one eats” and the same was with contributing to the Open Source community after the first FixFusion. So on the next meet-up in the Lemon Demon HQ we wanted to share a new solution from our portfolio of handy tools we use on a daily basis.

The problem: users using our applications want to easily and instantly get support - something like GetSatisfaction or UserVoice but for enterprise customers.

Solution: when we work with our clients we give them a little nifty widget that allow them to easily report any bugs or feature requests right out of the software we implement for them. They no longer need to write emails and we don’t spend time asking them for their browsers’ version or creating manually tasks in our ticketing system.

What they do is they use our Support widget which we integrate in all our applications to submit their comments/requests directly to our Project Management/Bug tracking software (in our case YouTrack). When submitting, our solution also automatically feeds all additional information we need to solve the potential problem: username and its profile in the system, user-agent, referrer, IP, etc.

This way both a customer and TEONITE save their time - such a small piece of software but with great benefits for both parties!

When other guys during FixFusion saw our solution they already spotted what is missing - the screenshot capture functionality. In few days new pull requests started to arrive ;-)

This is how you use the synergy of having a few bright and open minds from different companies in one place. We really liked it!

Check it out if you use Django and/or Angular and improve the way you work with your clients!

Seems we made a new tradition - publishing our OpenSource code during FixFusion events ;-) We already have a pipeline of new code ready to publish during next events.

More photos from meet-ups

Photos from FixFusion

Photos from FixFusion

Photos from FixFusion

All images by Slawomir Pucia

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