EuroPython 2014 - spending 6 days with Python enthusiasts in Berlin

EuroPython isn't just a conference - it is a place where you meet people for the first time and you already speak the same language. The Python language.

We are happy that after three years EuroPython moved from Florence to Berlin so we could get there in less than 2 hours.

The truth is that with 100 presentations and 4 workshops everyday you will quickly stumble upon a speaker that will make you say "Can I really do it that way? I haven't never thought it can be done like that...".

It is just full of how-tos, tricks & hacks that will save you tons of time & energy when solving daily programming challanges.

We learnt how Disqus is using Django as the basis of their SOA,
took part in a Q&A session with ElasticSearch authors and talked with the dh-virtualenv author from Spotify about the best way of shipping apps (dh-virtualenv? Docker? - we have our solution to that problem, soon a blog post to come!).

After a week of such intense knowledge pack you come back to the office and you don't know where to start!

EuroPython 2014

EuroPython 2014

EuroPython 2014

EuroPython 2014

All of our photos from the event could be found on Facebook - Eyropython gallery

More details on an event's website: EuroPython 2014

Satellite Event: PyData


Along the EuroPython 2014 was a satllite event PyData 2014.
You can see on-line presentation and other:

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