Never leave your desk unattended...

Imagine starting just another ordinary day - getting up, eating breakfast, driving to work, sitting behind your desk and… wait a minute - something looks weird! Just like back in '90's when we were super-excited with first computers and AMIGA was a magic word that electrified all you classmates… OK, but why is it on my desk? The time I had fun swapping disks to play my favourite game is gone. It is a work time! What happened with my "normal" desk? :)

Yes, that was just another office prank of my colleagues that happened to find a way to optimize my workplace to keep me more productive. Very creative!

All these hardware comes from our company's museum where we gather unique pieces of technology from old times. If you have any stuff to join our collection, make sure you bring it to our office. We won't leave you with nothing in return.

Somebody wants to destroy your desk

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