Robert on InternetBeta 2014 talking about OpenPoland

InternetBeta is an event you can't miss if you want to be up-to-date with the latest online solutions and if you plan to meet people running the most exciting internet projects in Poland.

This year Robert Olejnik, our CEO was among 70 speakers from around the world coming from various industries - sociologists, political scientists, representatives of interactive agencies, advertising, owners and managers of the largest sites, application developers investors, marketers.

Robert shared a stage with Jan Herbst from Stocznia foundation ( and they both had a unique opportunity to present challenges regarding open data issues in Poland. The presentation was based on our project called - which is a solution that delivers access to the Polish government statistics via API.

Who benefits from open data?

Questions that were asked after the presentation show that few people are familiar with the open data topic. It will change as more and more people will benefit from access to the data - analytics, sociologists, business consultants, rating companies, local governments and councils as well as organisations that build strategies.

4 challenges when working with open data in Poland

OpenPoland was born out of frustration to bring new quality to open data in Poland. During the presentation we emphasised challenges we had to face when working with public data for the last few years. Just to name a few: - Dealing with large amount of data - for example, “newlyweds” indicator with all the dimensions gives you 134 millions records - Government IT systems in Poland are in bad condition - no API interfaces available, lack of synchronisation between different government ministries and organisations, poor system architecture - Making sure that data is up-to-date and if not, managing this situation in relations to other areas - A lot of data had to be manually imported to the system through API

Dr Kamil Wais declared his contribution to the project

Sharing details about our groundbreaking project was a great reward for us but the satisfaction was even bigger when one of the conference attendees declared his contribution to OpenPoland. Dr Kamil Wais offered to create a library for R software environment used by analysts and statisticians. It will allow its users to get an easy access to selected data through a few functions that will automate communication between a software and Open Poland API (more information about this as the work is ongoing - will come soon on our blog).

We are more than pleased with this support as it will open doors for a wide group of users to easily benefit from OpenPoland.

We strongly encourage you to join the ranks and grow the largest bank of public data in Poland and make it available for others so that we can all build greater solutions.

Read more in our post about the OpenPoland project.

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