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OpenPoland is currently the largest collection of public data available through the API in Poland. We have now more than 138 million records!
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OpenPoland was born out of frustration!

For the last few years we have been working on several projects that required large amounts of public data (eg. Monitor Rozwoju, Moja Polis and others). We noticed that the access to public data is a common problem of all organisations, companies and local governments that have ambitions to build systems supporting decisions based on accurate and current data.

We hit the wall several times - when there was no API to plugin to when trying to obtain data from a various government entities, when data was not up-to-date or was totally defragmented.

What happened if we had to gather data from 40 or 50 administration units from all over the country? We had to write letters to each of them to receive data on CDs in many formats and standards. Imagine putting everything together, matching the same type of information from different files, indexing and setting logic to what we have collected. Thousands of hours of mundane work.

So others can save their time!

We decided we need to change this frustrating situation so we invested another months of hard work so others don’t have to and built It was worth it! We are asked about how we financed the project and our response is simple - we put in our own money in this project because we thought it was worth it. We can all benefit from open data.

3 things you need to know about OpenPoland

  1. API that is easy to use - we put emphasis on ease of data retrieval and use of the API itself. The website contains search mechanism to automatically generate queries in different systems to improve access to the data. API allows for direct data integration in any analytical system or programming environment, which can vastly speed up the analysis process and open new opportunities.

  2. Data integrity - we take care of keeping integrity across all data assets, which is a great challenge when it comes to public data in Poland.

  3. Consistent and always up to date - OpenPoland is at the moment the only repository of statistical data updated on a daily basis. The purpose of the API is to provide wholesale mode data in the form closest to the sources. Therefore data is available in specific blocks to facilitate the assessment of the completeness and quality of data. With one query to the API, you can retrieve the data of the selected index in a given year at the commune level or for all levels above the commune (district, sub-region, province, region).

OpenPoland - complete and always up to date data

How can you benefit from OpenPoland?

OpenPoland is a platform that gives you access to current public data via API. The system contains data from the Local Data Bank of Central Statistical Office of Poland and soon will include also other data sources.

OpenPoland could become a key element in the process of building:

  • data analysis systems
  • mobile applications based on public data
  • government portals
  • data visualization solutions

OpenPoland - get access to open data

Who is it for?

The project was designed for:

  • entities involved in the analysis of data and creation of analytical tools;
  • IT companies (eg building statistical systems, data warehouses);
  • all companies, institutions, private entities whose goal is to create a system using public data and which don’t have acces to the data;
  • entities that build system and want to save time and effort.

Use of API OpenPoland saves time during the preparation of applications and systems as:

  • sparing in updating and validating data
  • allows instant and fast access to metadata
  • automates the process of downloading selected data

Case study - obtaining data regarding companies that invested in innovation

Step 0
Log in to OpenPoland and get API token.

Step 1
Go to and find your subject:

Option A: Using data search engine:

Option B: using metadata browser:

Step 2
Generate an example query using a button on a list or in your browser metadata widget:

Step 3
Copy the code snippet and play with it!

You can find working code from the example above in our sandbox repository at GitHub (

Get in touch with us

If you don’t know how to use the API or how to integrate OpenPoland with your system - ([get in touch] )!

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