R software integrated with OpenPoland

When we wrote a story from Robert’s presentation on this year’s InternetBeta we mentioned that during the conference Dr Kamil Wais declared his contribution to the Open Poland project. It was a great motivator for us as a new person believed in the idea and wanted to participate in the venture calling OpenPoland a groundbreaking project. He offered to create a library for an R software environment used by analysts and statisticians - and so he did!

Building a libary to connect R with OpenData

1. Coding

Just weeks after the event, Dr Kamil Wais developed a library for the R platform so that analysts can get an easy access to selected data through a few functions that automate communication between the tool and the Open Poland API.

2. Library on GitHub

Tha package has been submitted to GitHub:

R package for communication with OpenPoland.net API - a gate to open data in Poland
“The OpenPoland package for R is a gate that leads you to the world of open data from Poland. With this package you can easily access hundreds milion of records in thousands of datasets generated and updated by institutions like Central Statistical Office of Poland.”

3. Tutorial

To help users start using the tool, Dr Wais’s published a tutorial on his blog that is an easy to understand a step-by-step instruction on how to start getting open data on the R software powered by OpenPoland. You can find all the necessary links and examples to kick-off:

4. OpenPoland in your web browser

If you are an analysts and you are not familiar with the R software package (or generally coding with API) but would like to have a quick and easy access to open data, you can use a web application that communicates with OpenPoland API and was also developed by Dr Wais:

Promoting the usage of open data in Poland

Dr Kamil is aware that building tools is just a first step. But to make people use it you need to go far beyond that. That is why he became an advocate of open data by promoting their usage through seminars he organises. Building awareness is one of the main challenges when you popularise aa idea and want people to benefit from using new platforms.

During his presentations he focused on:

  • introduction to the topis
  • legal background
  • benefits of using open data
  • best practices from the US and the UK initatives in Poland
  • experiences of obtain open data for commercial purposes
  • tools to obtain data (including analysis and visualisation).

And of course, the seminars couldn’t omit the usage of OpenPoland and the R software!

Thank you!

We would like to warmly thank Kamil for his contribution and hard work. We work on OpenPoland in our "spare time" investing TEONITE’s resources and it's great that the idea with open data is spreading by great people like Kamil!

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