TechFusion – an event for doers not afraid to build space ships

We are sitting in a room packed with tech people listening about the datebase in Google used to index the Internet (Bigtable). Marek Dopiera flew over to Szczecin from Ireland to share his knowledge and experience of working as a Site Reliability Engineer for the best search engine company in the world. He couldn’t have revealed all the facts but gave a great insight about Big Table and challenges of managing and maintaining the heart of Google.

It was the fifth edition of TechFusion (17/10/2014), an event in Szczecin (Poland) where geeks and nerds from tech companies gather to enjoy amazing talks. But it is not only about top-notch technical insights but also as an inspiration for participants to connect and start something together.

"We really want Tech Fusion to become something bigger. A movement that people will be joining to cooperate, talk and start great initiatives"
Robert Olejnik, TechFusion co-founder

Apart from Marek Dopiera, the event hosted two more speakers – Tomasz Oponowicz who talked about the latest streaming technologies and Jakub Lasota who gave an exciting speech about economical issues happening around us.

I asked Robert Olejnik, a co-founder of TechFusion three questions to sum-up what has already been achieved for the last few months around the idea of the meetup. He was happy to explain why the event was launched and why building a space ship is not such a big deal!

What kind of "pain" was behind starting TechFusion?

We couldn't find an event in Szczecin that was trully technical & geeky.

First of all, we solved our own problem as we really wanted to listen to great guys like Marek Dopiera working on one of the biggest systems in the world or find out how are Hollywood films made (TechFusion #1 - Krzysztof Grygowski presentation). We were curious how it works, what kind of software and hardware they work on, what sort of problems they have. We are obsessed with technology.

All the people coming to the event are hungry for great stuff that inspire them. When you were watching Jakub Lasota (Managing Partner at Zarzecki, Lasota & Partners) in action today talking about economy you could see he great enthusiasm and even better reception of the audience. He showed us interesting stats we had never been aware of and explained how things work in on financial markets. It was what we love to listen to, even if it had only little to do with what we work on a daily basis.

How did it all start?

I teamed up with Rafał Malinowski and Krzysiek Kamrowski and we decided to start TechFusion. Rafał had already been running a Facebook group - Szczecin Web Meetup's where people exchanged links, ideas, presentations, libraries. But it was time for a live event! We wanted people to connect, talk to each other and experience something extraordinary and I believe it is happening.

What is your plan for the next few months?

I would like more people to get involved in TechFusions and help us grow it for the benefit of all of us - from simple stuff like launching a new website to bringing stunning speakers on board.

We are a doer type of people - if I am eager to do something, I just do it. I know it sounds maybe a bit cliché but you can achieve almost everything if you want. If somebody had told us there is a space ship to build, with our skills, it would have probably taken 100 years but it could have been done ;-)

I am happy that TechFusion has become a recognisable brand and different organisations are joining us to build a great technical community. We have already achieved more than we wanted, but our appetite just grows: more events, more great speakers with a unique voice, better presentations and more exciting topics that can expand our horizons.

Let’s see where we are after another 5 events!

Pics from previous events

Techfusion gallery

Techfusion gallery

Techfusion gallery

Techfusion gallery

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Techfusion gallery

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