Quick Tip: YouTrack & InteliJ IDEA / PyCharm

If your main development environment is InteliJ IDEa or PyCharm, you can speed up writing commit messages via integrating YouTrack task right into IDE.


  • Automatic task status change -> In Progress
  • Commit message including task id and title
  • Context change lists
  • +10 to awesomeness ;-)

How to? (ET: 2 min) :

  1. Go to 'Tools -> Tasks & Contexts -> Configure Servers ...'
  2. Click + > YouTrack
  3. Enter your YouTrack server URL and your credentials
  4. Copy your nice query from YouTrack eg. 'project: {SuperCool Project} '
  5. Select task (from toolbar) you want to work on

And that's it! Have fun ;-)

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